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CLEANWAT Drop is a well-established product in the Indian market since 1992 used in almost every household of more than 3 states in India, available at all the medical and general stores in 30ml and 100ml bottle sizes. It is the most effective, fast and inexpensive method of Drinking water disinfection. It is manufactured under the MPFDA License, complying to the specifications of IP/USP.

CLEANWATis Sodium Hypochlorite solution with available Chlorine percentage as per IP & USP specifications. Its chemical name is NaOCl and recommended by WHO (World Health Organisation) because its proven that it kills the bacteria, viruses and germs causing water borne diseases like diarrhoea, cholera, jaundice, typhoid, etc. Hence, making the water safe for drinking and other consumption.

As the world is developing, people tend to think that electric water purifiers are the only most reliable/effective method of drinking water purification which is not true by all means. This type of purifiers not only filters the impurities but also takes out the essential minerals of the water which are vital for the human body. For some minerals, water is the only natural source where they are found in the best absorbable form for the body and no other natural substitute can replace it. The water quality having hardness between 200 to 600 mg/l. is ideal (as per BIS 10500-2012) and most of the electric water purifiers make it below 100 mg/l. Water with ideal hardness needs only disinfection against bacterial contamination. For example, the water of Narmada river in Malwa region is of very good quality and fit for consumption without passing it through the purifiers, all it needs be Bacteria free which can be easily achieved by adding few drops of CLEANWAT in the stored portable water before consumption. Similarly, CLEANWAT can also be used to disinfect the overhead and underground water storage tanks giving you total safety against the water borne diseases.

CLEANWAT is also being supplied in the deep rural parts of Indian States by the Government Department, Public Health Engineering (PHED) since last 12 years for the disinfection of hand pumps and water wells of pastoral areas, providing clean, safe and disease-free Drinking water to the people.

Other uses- CLEANWAT can also be used in disinfection of vegetables, surgical instruments, hospital floors and infant feeding bottles and nipples, etc.