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MAX FTK (Multiparameter Field Water Testing Kit)

MAX FTK is a Multiparameter Water Testing Kit developed to perform qualitative test for water quality as per the specifications of Bureau of Indian Standard Guidelines (IS 10500-2012). It is designed to effortlessly test the field water samples and get quick qualitative results on the spot. This kit does not require any electrical backup or any heating process. The tests can be performed by any average literate person who can read the instruction manual and follow the steps mentioned in it. The kit is self-sufficient and contains all the necessary accessories like test tubes, measuring cylinder, beaker, etc required to perform the test.

The kit is very user-friendly and cost effective, designed to test 100 water samples on each parameter listed below

  • TDS Test- this test indicates the Total Dissolved Solids in the water such as salts and minerals.
  • pH Test- pH test helps in identifying the Acidic or Alkaline nature of the water. A normal pH reading of human body is 7.4 + 0.2 approximately. High pH level of the water can result in a number of diseases.
  • Alkalinity Test- indicates the capacity of water to neutralize the present acids caused by rains or any other kind of contamination.
  • Chlorine Test- indicates the Chlorine percentage available in the water. It’s not naturally present in the water but in the disinfection of drinking water, the process of Chlorination takes place. More than 0.2 milligrams of Chlorine content in the water is harmful to the human body.
  • Total Hardness Test- shows the total combined presence of Magnesium, Sulphate, Iron, Chloride and Calcium which causes in the results of Water Hardness. Excess of hardness can cause stones any other problems.
  • Chloride Test- individually indicates the Chloride percentage in the water. Chloride is generally already present in the water but, if its percentage is high than it causes problem related to digestion etc.
  • Total Iron Test- individually shows the amount of Iron concentration present in the water. Iron is actually good for health but excess Iron is very harmful for the body.
  • Nitrate Test- shows the amount of Nitrate levels in the water. Generally, very low concentration level of Nitrate is already present in the water but higher concentration indicates water pollution which is very harmful and necessary to test.
  • Turbidity Test- indicates the clarity/transparency levels of water which is disturbed by soluble or insoluble particles such as soil, fine mud and small sledges which can be injurious to health if enters into the body regularly.
  • Fluoride Test- developed by the researchers and scientists from BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai), we are officially licensee as we have purchased the technology of Fluoride testing from BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai). MAX Fluoride test shows the best results of available Fluoride in the water. Normally, Fluoride is absorbed through water only in human body but, excessive Fluoride can cause fluorosis.

Procedure: just take the water sample as specified in the user manual (parameter wise) in the test tube and add the respective reagents according to the parameter being tested. For example, take Fluoride test, the colour development after diluting the Fluoride Reagent in the water sample can be compared from the given Fluoride test colour chart. The matched colour will show the nearest concentration level of the Fluoride present in the water. Similar procedures are to be followed with all the remaining parameters.