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CLEANWAT Drop is a well-established product in the Indian market since 1992 used in almost every household of more than 3 states in India, available at all the medical and general stores in 30ml and 100ml bottle sizes. It is the most effective, fast and inexpensive method of Drinking water disinfection. It is manufactured under the MPFDA License, complying to the specifications of IP/USP.

CLEANWAT is Sodium Hypochlorite solution with available Chlorine percentage as per IP & USP specifications. Its chemical name is NaOCl and recommended by WHO (World Health Organisation) because its proven that it kills the bacteria, viruses and germs causing water borne diseases like diarrhoea, cholera, jaundice, typhoid, etc. Hence, making the water safe for drinking and other consumption.


MAX FTK is a Multiparameter Water Testing Kit developed to perform qualitative test for water quality as per the specifications of Bureau of Indian Standard Guidelines (IS 10500-2012). It is designed to effortlessly test the field water samples and get quick qualitative results on the spot. This kit does not require any electrical backup or any heating process. The tests can be performed by any average literate person who can read the instruction manual and follow the steps mentioned in it. The kit is self-sufficient and contains all the necessary accessories like test tubes, measuring cylinder, beaker, etc required to perform the test.

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